A 5 star review of Village Nursery School by Kelly T.

I cannot say enough good things about this program. Our search for the right Pre-K program for when my daughter turned 4 was no small undertaking.  Unfortunately, she has a fair amount of pretty serious health issues, has suffered from anxiety in large social settings with peers, and had a lot of trepidation about starting Pre-K. I had heard plenty of good things about a lot of local preschools, and we did our research. But the second we toured Village, we knew this was the best place for her. These teachers went out of their way, even way before school started, to make her feel comfortable, safe, and at home. They love and nurture her as if she was their own child, and she has really blossomed under their care. She trusts her teachers completely (a huge deal for her) and passionately LOVES school. It has been the completely perfect first school experience for her. Their emphasis on kindness and character-building create a classroom of kids who really support and enjoy each other, and their projects and activities are always so beautifully age appropriate and imaginative. The small class sizes allow for plenty of individualized instruction and addressing of multiple learning styles. They mix traditional approaches such as phonics and penmanship with new-world educational methods like STEM integration and mind-body techniques. My daughter has especially loved the geographical and cultural studies undertaken by the staff (with incredible creativity) and all of the opportunities for community outreach. She starts kindergarten in September, and thanks to this ideal experience at Village, she feels positive and confident. We are so lucky to have this treasure in our community. I get really teary thinking about it.  This has been such a special year for my child and for us as her parents, all thanks to this awesome school and the amazing women who run it. I truly believe VNS is exactly what Pre-K should be.

Kelly T